Birtley ASC Privacy Policy
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

What is GDPR?
GDPR is the new law for data protection.  This EU Legislation came into force on 25th May 2018, and has replaced the existing Data Protection Act 1998.  GDPR sets out how your Personal Information can be used by companies, government and other organisations and ensures that any organisation which has access to your personal information protects this data.

Privacy Notice
Here at Birtley Amateur Swimming Club we understand that our members care about the use and storage of their personal information and we value your trust in allowing us to do this in a careful and sensible manner. We have created this privacy notice in order to demonstrate our commitment to the privacy of our members.

Birtley ASC and GDPR
Birtley Amateur Swimming Club (‘The Club’) will collect, store and process the personal data on its membership forms in conjunction with the Clubs Privacy Policy to assist in the management of the ‘Swimmer’ named on the application form.  The Club will store your data securely and will not disclose or share your data with any other organisations for any purposes (other than those specified in this Policy) without your prior consent.  Under no circumstances will your personal data be shared with the Clubs affiliates for marketing purposes. 

What information is being collected?
As a member of Birtley ASC (or parent/guardian of a member) we have a Cloud Based Database (Swim Club Manager) which holds all the information you have previously supplied on the Membership Application Form.  In addition to the information on the Membership Form, we also store swimmers achievements for both distance and Life Saving Awards.   A full list of all the data fields held for individual swimmers can be found at the end of this Privacy Statement.

How is it collected?
Personal Data is collected in the following ways:
  • Membership Application Form
  • Member Update Details Form
  • By Instructors on a weekly basis to record swimmer achievements
  • By Instructors to record any accidents or incidents relating to a swimmer

Why is it being collected?
Birtley ASC only collects the above information for the sole purpose of managing its members.   Birtley ASC does not use any member information for Marketing purposes.  The information collected will be used to :
  • Ensure the safety and well-being of the swimmer
  • Keep you informed about Club Events
  • Notify you of any important changes to Club Policies and Procedures
  • Keep you informed about changes to the Club Timetable
  • Contact you in regard to legitimate Club interests

Who will it be shared with?
Personal Data is only ever shared with two other organisations.  The organisations are Swim England (formerly The ASA) and Royal Life Saving Society.  It is necessary to share swimmers personal information with these two organisations for the purpose of Insurances and external accreditations.
Only the bare minimum of information is shared.  The information shared is the name, address, DOB and the Award Name. 
Neither organisation can use the information to contact you directly.  All information is held securely. No information will be passed by them to 3rd parties.

Accessing your Data
You may request access to your personal data at any point in time.   Your data is held securely in Swim Club Manager and we encourage Parents/Guardians/Swimmers to request credentials to login and view/update their data.  To request access to your personal data, please contact the Club Communications Officer in writing (Email : [email protected]). There will be no charge to the individual for data access requests.  All requests for data will be responded to within one calendar month.

Data Retention
Your personal data, and that of any swimmer for which you are the parent or guardian of, shall be retained and used by the Club for the duration of membership of the swimmer with the Club.  This data may be updated from time to time.  If a swimmer decides to leave the Club, unless instructed otherwise, the swimmer will be marked as inactive, but their personal information will be retained.  Any information of ex-members will only be used for the purpose of providing references if requested or to reinstate the member if they return to the Club at a date in the future.  If you wish your personal data to be destroyed, please instruct the Club Administration Officer in writing upon termination.

Data Security
The Club will endeavour to treat all personal data confidentially and keep the data safe and secure at all times.  In the event of a Data Security Incident involving a breach of confidential data, the Club will notify the Information Commissioner’s Office within 72 hours of being made aware of the security breach.  Once the impact of the data breach has been assessed, all individuals impacted by the breach will be notified within an appropriate time period depending on the severity and impact of the data breach.

Advice on GDPR
Please contact the Club Communications Officer ([email protected]) with any questions relating to your data or the impact of GDPR.  For further information on GDPR please visit