Club Officials

Your Club Officials, all of which are volunteers are.........
  1. Judith Telfer
  2. Dean Cox
    Club Secretary Pool Side Organiser
  3. Edith Scott
  4. Jean Cox
    Club Treasurer Administration Team Member
  5. Gillian Bridges
    1st Assistant Poolside Organiser
  6. David Soulsby
    2nd Assistant Poolside Organiser
  7. James Bird
    Child Protection Officer
  8. Ruth Raynor
    Assistant Child Protection Officer
  9. Laura Fraser
    RLSS Life Saver Programme Coordinator
  10. Victoria Routledge
    DofE ‘Sign-off’ Facilitator
  11. Paul Hutchison
    IT & Social Media Coordinator
Representative Appointments:
Gateshead Swim Action Group : Dean L Cox                                     
Gateshead Swim Action Group : Jean K Cox                                      
Gateshead Swim Action Group : James F Bird                                   

Birtley Community Partnership : Dean L Cox                                     
Club Executive Committee Members:
The Executive Committee of the Club shall be those who are appointed at the Annual General Meeting and shall consist of:
the Chairperson, the Vice-Chairperson, the Secretary, the Treasurer, the Club Administrator, the Poolside Organiser, the Assistant Poolside Organisers, and the Club RLSS Lifesaving Co-ordinators.
Club Committee Members:
The present formation of the Club Committee is made up of those who are on the Executive Meeting and the following list of Club Instructors:
Craig Soulsby, Gillian Bridges, Paul Hutchison, Victoria Routledge, Jack Smith, Daniel Charles, Liam Charles, Trudy Johnson, Emily Smith and  Kate Wilson.
For a full list of Club Officials and Instructor qualifications, please click here.