The Club’s Child Protection and Good Practice Guide

  • Instructors should always put the welfare of the Club Member first.
  • Instructors should ensure that the experience of swimming is fun, enjoyable and promotes fair play amongst its Members.
  • The Instructor ensures that the activities are appropriate for the age, maturity and ability of its Class.
  • All Instructors to work with the Club Members in an ’open environment’ and will avoid any situations where an Instructor and an individual Club Member are working completely unobserved.
  • Instructors are to avoid any unnecessary physical contact with the Club Members. If contact is required to aid the teaching, the Instructor is to explain their intention and ask permission before making any contact. The Instructor should always use a Club Member of the same sex as themselves for any demonstration.
  • Where possible the Instructor is to ensure that same sex partners are to be used throughout any training or assessment undertaken, and that physical contact is kept to a minimum.
  • The Club endeavours to ensure that there is an opportunity for Parents to communicate with Club Officials and Instructors on matters concerning the care of personal needs for all Club Members.
  • The Club Officials and Club Instructors should endeavour to be an excellent role model for Club Members and should not drink alcohol or smoke when working within the Club environment.
  • Club Instructors should always endeavour to give enthusiastic and constructive feedback on Club Members progress within the Class Session.
  • Where possible the Club will ensure that when working with mixed sex groups that there will be both male and female Instructors present. This applies especially when Club Members are engaged in activities away from the Swimming Pool environment.
  • The Club encourages the building of a balanced relationship with the Parents and its Club Members based on mutual trust, which allows for individual development within the Club structure and sharing in the future decision making process of the Club.

The Club states that it is inappropriate for anyone to engage in any kind of sexual activity with someone under the age of 18 years when they are in a position of trust in relation to any young person.