Behaviour and Discipline of Club Members

The Club takes this opportunity to inform Members and Parents that the Club requires and expects the highest standards of behaviour at all times whilst Members are at or involved with any aspect of Club activities.
Instructors have been told to speak to Members and warn them if there is the need. If the Member then fails to modify their behaviour, the Instructor will inform the Poolside Organiser(s) that they are experiencing difficulty with a particular Member and explain the nature of the ‘unacceptable’ behaviour. If the Poolside Organiser(s) consider that it is then necessary for them to speak to an individual Member, on a matter of behaviour, this will be given as an ‘Official Warning’.

The Club Chairperson will be informed that an ‘Official Warning’ has been given to a specific individual Member.

Parents of an individual who receives an ‘Official Warning’ will be informed of the situation.

The date and nature of the ‘Official Warning’ will be recorded by the Club.

We state now, that if a further ‘Official Warning’ is deemed necessary, then the Membership of the Club for that individual will be reviewed by the Club Executive Committee.

The need for a third ‘Official Warning’ will result in the IMMEDIATE removal from Membership for the individual concerned.

The areas of behaviour that this matter of discipline covers are:
  • The use of foul language.
  • The bullying of other Club Members.
  • Physical assault of another Club Member or Club Official.
  • The deliberate damage of any Club equipment.
  • The blatant and persistent disregard of reasonable instructions.
  • Behaviour that is deemed a health risk to other Club Members and pool users.
  • Any other such behaviour that is considered unsuitable for Membership of the Club.